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2000kg Drum-Roll EASYLIFT Hydraulic Cable Drum Lifting Jack

In stock
SKU: 128-15-1
Regular price £2,865.60 GBP inc vat

Drum-Roll EASYLIFT Hydraulic Cable Drum Lifting Jack, up to 2000kg

Easy handling of medium-sized drums: The EASYLIFT is specifically designed for easy handling of medium-sized cable drums. Whether you need to transport, lift, or position the drums, the EASYLIFT makes the process effortless.

Stable and flexible positioning: With its stable construction and flexible positioning capabilities, the EASYLIFT ensures safe handling of cable drums weighing up to 2 tons and measuring up to 1.20 meters in diameter. You can confidently position the drums on level ground without compromising safety or stability.

Reliable and secure lifting: The hydraulic system of the EASYLIFT enables smooth and controlled lifting of cable drums. This ensures safe handling and prevents accidents or damage during the lifting process.

Convenient and efficient: The EASYLIFT is designed for convenience and efficiency. It provides a user-friendly experience, allowing you to handle medium-sized drums with ease. Its intuitive operation saves time and effort, enhancing overall productivity.

Versatile applications: The EASYLIFT is suitable for various industries and applications where medium-sized cable drums need to be handled. From construction sites to industrial settings, the EASYLIFT proves to be a valuable tool for professionals in need of reliable drum handling equipment.

Product Includes:

- Two side parts, one drum axle, set centring cones

Options and Accessories

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- Drum-Roll MINILIFT Hydraulic Cable Drum Lifting Jack, up to 4000kg (128-13-1)

- Drum-Roll JUMBOLIFT Hydraulic Cable Drum Lifting Jack, up to 6000kg (128-14-1)

- Drum-Roll EASYLIFT Hydraulic Cable Drum Lifting Jack, up to 2000kg (128-15-1)


SKU Length (m) Width (m) Height (m) Load Bearing Capacity (kg) Minimum Drum Diameter (mm) Maximum Drum Diameter (mm) Weight (kg)
128-15-1 1.2