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Furniture Movers

Hydraulic Furniture Mover

We have two types of furniture movers available. One is manual furniture mover and the other is powered by hydraulics. The one you choose will depend upon the weight of the furniture you want to move. The hydraulic option is ideal for professionally transporting heavyweight items, with the mechanism adding momentum to the lift beyond your manual capacity.

Manual Furniture Mover

The manual option will suit some movers with its simplicity, though – it can be easily and safely operated by one person and has a robust lifting mechanism. They both provide securing straps to further ensure the safe movement of furniture.

Enquire online and decide for yourself what will work best for you or give us a call on 08009880113 – we’d be more than happy to chat to you about what might be best and guide you on the differences between the two model types. RiggingUK can also advise you on other lifting equipment that might be useful and which you may not have thought of.

  • £584.33

    Manual Furniture Movers


    Categories: Material Moving, Furniture Movers Safely operated by one person Robust lifting mechanism Sold in one set only Including twotransport u...

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  • from £727.65

    Hydraulic Furniture Movers


    Categories: Material Moving, Furniture Movers Forprofessional transporting of heavyweight items Idealfor delivery, removal, maintenance and assemb...

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    from £727.65