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Lifting Tables & Stands

Lifting Tables on Wheels

Trying to increase your safety levels at work? RiggingUK has just the thing to help you, with our small but effective range of lifting tables & stands. Our hydraulic lift tables are used to raise and lower items such as goods and heavy loads, alongside people.

This can help prevent injuries, which is a really important priority for any business given the hours lost each year to back injuries, amongst others. These lift tables are useful for loading and unloading vehicles whilst helping to reduce the strain on the staff. The stands we offer are also great in offering support to forklifts or too heavy machinery – heavy duty designs help to ensure safety.

  • from £46.20

    Standard Axle Stand


    Categories: Material Moving, Lifting Tables & Stands 2t. Min/H 278 M/H 154mm 3t. Min/H 286 M/H 140mm 6t. Min/H 388 M/H 222mm 12t. Min/H 500 M/H...

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    from £46.20
  • from £100.80

    Forklift Support Stands


    Categories: Material Moving, Lifting Tables & Stands **Jacks are supplied as a pair 6t. Ad H=178mm 7t. Ad H=158mm 9t. Ad H=173mm Tech Area Comi...

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    from £100.80
  • from £525.00

    Hydraulic Lift Table


    Categories: Material Handling, Lifting Tables & Stands 300kg. Min H 330 Max H 910mm 500kg. Min H 390 Max H 910mm 350kg. Min H 435 Max H 1500mm ...

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    from £525.00