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Mechanical Jacks

Mechanical Jack 10 Ton

The first jack we have is the mechanical jacks which is useful for lifting items directly from the floor, and for this one we can offer two models for you to choose from. One is made from steel and the other from polyurethane. To use a mechanical jack you use the handlebar to lift the object and then slide corner movers in.

We have two variants available for you. The second is the ratchet type toe jack, available in five different models (each with a different weight capacity). These jacks all come with a safety handle and are suitable for commercial settings to complete the lifting and loading of any type. They have a low body height and can be used with a fixed-to or clawed-on head. These jacks offer low expenditure of force through optimal ratio.

  • £150.00

    Mechanic Jack

    Categories: Mechanical Jacks, Material Handling, Corner Skates Lift the object fromthe floor easily. Use handle bar to liftthe object first and sl...

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  • from £228.00

    Mechanical Steel Jack Ratchet Toe Jack

    Categories: Hydraulic & Mechanical Jacking, Mechanical Jacks Steel jacks HVS/HKB and HKB are developed in accordance with the latest safety reg...

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    from £228.00