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Forklift Equipment

Collection: Forklift Equipment

Forklift accessories such as hooks, maintenance platforms, tipping skips, fork mounted drum handling and grabs available from riggingUK next day UK

Forklift Attachments are a variety of attachments that will be specific to the item you will be moving, lifting or carrying. The attachments are available with a hook, a maintenance platform, a self-balance crane and more.

Bags and Tipping Skips - We have tipping skips available that are mounted to a forklift, allowing you to carry the skip to where your waste is as opposed to having to move the waste by hand, which is time-consuming and therefore costly. Here at RiggingUK, we also provide bulk bag lifting which is a safe tool to help load and transport tonne bags.

Fork Mounted Drum Handling equipment are great, handy attachments that help with the transportation of drums. You know as well as we do that you need to make sure lifting and moving drums is done in a safe and secure way and with the right equipment. It’s easy to turn your forklift into an efficient and secure lifting machine. All the attachments are fixed to the forklift ensuring they can lift the weight in a safe manner. These attachments are not only able to lift the drums and barrels but also rotate them, position them and transport multiple drums at one time, which is efficient and can save you time and money in the long term. We also sell forklift positioners and carriers to hold them in the perfect place.

Forklift Drum Grab - Whether you’re looking to lift a 210lt steel drum to take it to a different area of the site, to lift over a pallet of four 210lt drums or to simply lift and tilt loaded drums for use, we have Forklift Carrier available to help ease your workload.
Converting your forklift into a piece of grabbing and lifting equipment couldn’t be easier with our selection of carriers and positioners. Never be tempted to lift, or to let your team lift, drums. It’s much safer and quicker to use proper equipment such as these mounted grabs, and it will put any health and safety worries at ease. Why not try our Forklift Gator Grip Single Drum Grab?

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We are specialist suppliers of Cable Handling, Hoisting, Mechanical
Handling, Pulling, Rigging & Winching Equipment, serving the UK and
Ireland, established in 2014 with over 10,000 customers served.

Make RiggingUK your one and only port of call for all your cabling, hoisting and rigging equipment
– you can buy top of the range equipment online today with just a few clicks.

Our inventory ranges from Cable Drum JacksCable RollersCable Looms, Chain Hoists,
Chain Hoist Controllers, Cobras, Height Safety Equipment, Pulleys, Shackles, Webbing Slings,
Winches, Wire Rope Pullers and much more.

We strive to provide a wide variety of reliable, high-quality equipment and
supplies to give you the right option for your requirements. As such, we have a
comprehensive range of carefully engineered equipment in stock which is
suitable for myriad applications. Many of the products are in stock at our own
warehouse, if they are not in stock or you need additional quantities, please contact
our sales team

Market Leading
Manufacturers Serving the UK and Ireland

Partnered with the likes of and Gebuwin, GIS, GT, ISC, Kratos, Portable
Winch, RUNPOTEC, STEIN, Talbot and Tiger we are able to supply a full range of equipment,
from industry-leading manufacturers. We are proud to be able to offer the very
latest equipment for highly competitive rates.

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Tried and Tested
Lifting Gear

Safety is crucial when it comes to lifting gear; we are always committed to
ensuring our clients’ safety. As such, we are renowned across the UK and
Ireland for supplying tried and tested materials lifting equipment within the
agricultural, domestic and industrial sectors which you can rely upon to help
you get the job done both safely and efficiently. You can depend on us to
provide an array of high-quality heavy lifting and material handling equipment
from trusted manufacturers at a price you can afford.

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