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Hydraulic Furniture Movers


SKU :293-65-1


Categories: Material MovingFurniture Movers

  • Forprofessional transporting of heavyweight items
  • Idealfor delivery, removal, maintenance and assembly applications
  • Forswitch cupboards, safes, containers and machinery
  • Sold inone set only: Including two transport unit with hydraulic lift and built-in securing straps. Strap length 5meters.Steering handles for di­rect wheel control. Load is easily transported and exactlypositioned.
  • Operation: Position lifting plates underneath item to bemoved, Ten­sion securingstraps. Lift item on both sides to equal height and move.
  • Technical specification: Support rails with protective covering.Pow­der coated finish. Heavy duty wheels with ballbearings. Non-marking polyurethane wheel suitable for carpeted flooring.

    1.8t. LH=100mm

    1.8t. LH=250mm

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    Coming Soon !!