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RUD VIP-Cobra Eye sling hook for PowerPoint (VCÖH) Ref: 264-4

by RUD

SKU :264-4-1

Nominal Diameter

RUD VIP-Cobra Eye sling hook for PowerPoint (VCOH) Ref: 264-4

The Cobra hook with a ring connection and of course all the advantages of a RUD - clevis hook.

  • A very robust design and without a protruding tip of the hook.
  • The forged safety latch engaged in the tip of the hook, and is thus protected against lateral bending.
  • With a triple coiled corrosion protected double leg spring.
  • Thickened tip of the hook prevents improper use.
  • Gauge marks for measuring the width of the hook opening
    • WWL 630kg = Nominal 4mm
    • WWL 1,000kg = Nominal 6mm
    • WWL 2,500kg = Nominal 8mm
    • WWL 4,000kg = Nominal 10mm
    • WWL 6,700kg = Nominal 13mm
    • WWL 10,000kg = Nominal 16mm