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HPPE Rope Choker 2.1m x 10mm for Portable Winch


SKU :167-18-3

Portable Winch

High-performance polyethylene fibres (HPPE) are some of the most solid fibres in the world. HPPE cables have been used on boats and in industry for many years. We now offer HPPE slings which can replace standard choker chains. They are made of HPPE rope with a diameter of 10 mm and a minimum breaking strength of 69 kN. There are extremely light, solid and durable.

Three 6 mm chain links and a 30 cm needle at the end allow it to be pushed under the logs or into the opening of the skidding cone and to attach it to a flat hook.

A splice forming a long eyelet at the other end is used to choke the load.

A true pleasure to work with!


Material:  HPPE


Weight (metric) : 0,55 kg
Length (metric) : 2,1 m
Diameter (metric) : 10 mm
Other : MBS: 69 kN


Additional information : A great accessory to use in combination with the skidding cone (167-18-1), the pulling plate (PCA-1310) and the locking grab hook (PCA-1282).



GTIN / EAN13 690581000324