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Drum-Roll - Flexipass Cable Routing Solution Hand Tool (Set of 3)

In stock
SKU: 128-7-2
Regular price £487.20 GBP inc vat

Drum-Roll Flexipass Cable Routing Solution Hand Tool (Set of 3)

For use with a maximum cable diameter 38mm

Optimal cable protection and ease of installation: Preventing material damage is a top priority, especially for sensitive data cables. FLEXIPASS offers a solution with its ergonomic and compact design, ensuring safe and precise cable transfer at all corners and edges of cable trays. It provides optimal cable protection while being easy to install.

Handy, flexible, and ready for immediate use: FLEXIPASS comes in a professional bag as a basic set of three units, ready for immediate use. Its handy and flexible design allows for maximum flexibility in various cable routing scenarios. Additional FLEXIPASS units can be easily added to the cable management system as needed.

Versatile and universal cable routing system: FLEXIPASS is the universal cable routing system suitable for all kinds of cable trays. It can accommodate cables with a diameter of up to 38 mm. The focus is on handling sensitive data and special cables, ensuring optimal performance in demanding environments.

Smooth and resistance-free cable routing: The clever arrangement of guide rollers in the FLEXIPASS ensures smooth and resistance-free cable routing and transport. It facilitates efficient cable management and minimizes the risk of cable damage or tangling.

Quick and easy installation and dismantling: Using the FLEXIPASS is simple and efficient. It can be quickly and easily placed on the cable tray with the one-hand clamping mechanism. The rubberized clamping surfaces provide a secure hold without the need for cumbersome screwing, preventing slipping or tilting. Releasing the FLEXIPASS is also easy, saving valuable time during assembly and dismantling of the cable routing system.

Options and Accessories

The Cable Routers are available in other sizes and ranges:

- Drum-Roll Flexipass Cable Routing Solution (128-7-1)

- Drum-Roll Flexipass Cable Routing Solution (Set of 3) (128-7-2)

The Cable Routers are also available with a range of accessories:

- Drum-Roll Stand for Flexipass (128-7-3)


SKU Length (m) Width (m) Height (m) Max Cable Diameter (mm) Max Clamping Width Weight (kg)
128-7-2 0.38 0.2