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Drum-Roll Clou XL Uncoiler

Out of stock
SKU: 128-3-1
Regular price £502.80 GBP inc vat

Drum-Roll Clou XL Uncoiler

Professional unwinding for various materials: Whether packaged in film, in a box, or even unpackaged, the CLOU XL allows for professional unwinding of even the most difficult materials from the inside, without torsion. It ensures efficient and precise handling.

Quick setup and easy storage: The CLOU XL is ready to use in just a few quick steps, providing convenience and saving valuable time. After use, it can be easily stowed away in the professional bag that comes with it, making transportation to the next construction site a breeze.

Extended core height and enlarged work surface: With an extended core height and enlarged work surface, the CLOU XL is perfect for handling very large and bulky cable coils, such as corrugated tubing, polymer pipe, and heavy cable. It offers enhanced capabilities for demanding applications.

Ideal for electrical and sanitation sectors: In both the electrical and sanitation sectors, the CLOU XL excels at unwinding underfloor heating pipes and polymer pipes for water. Its design and functionality cater to the specific needs of these industries, ensuring optimal performance.

Reliable and versatile solution: The CLOU XL is a reliable and versatile solution for professionals in various fields. It provides the necessary precision and efficiency for unwinding tasks, making it an essential tool for a wide range of applications in construction and installation projects.

Award-winning design with smart and compact construction: The CLOU, CLOU XL, and CLOU SLIM cable coil uncoilers have been recognized with the prestigious IF Product Design Award. Their eye-catching design features a smart and compact construction that stands out from the crowd.

Options and Accessories

The Uncoilers are available in an array of sizes and ranges:

- Drum-Roll Clou SLIM Uncoiler (128-1-1)

- Drum-Roll Clou Uncoiler (128-2-1)

- Drum-Roll Clou XL Uncoiler (128-3-1)

- Drum-Roll VARIO Uncoiler (128-4-1)

- Drum-Roll VARIO SLIM Uncoiler (128-5-1)

The Uncoilers are also available with a range of accessories:

- FIX Uncoiler Fixings (set of 3) (128-6-1)

- UP Uncoiler Base Fixings to Raise Up (set of 3) (128-6-2)

- MOVE Uncoiler Wheels (set of 3) (128-6-3)


SKU Length (m) Width (m) Height (m) Load-Bearing Capacity (kg) Coil Diameter (mm) Core Diameter (mm) Core Height (mm) Weight (kg)
128-3-1 0.66 0.21 0.195 80 1000 150-260 500