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Pallet Pullers

by EPD

SKU :293-65-6


Categories: Material MovingCorner Skates

  • The TTCpallet pullers are used to pull loaded pallets,slide heavy crates, etc.,to edge of dock or truck, so it can be picked up with forklift truck. Variable jaw width grabs pallet securely and automatically release.
  • Rugged steel construction,2-3/4" high heads are self-cleaning and unaffected by wood particles, paint or grease,1/4" proof coil chain included for attaching pull chain.A.Double Scissor Action Model:PU10 
  • One-piece curved heads have integral spurs for gripping pallet stringers.
  • Scissor action 30" long.30" long chain

     (max pallet weight)=2270kgs.  Max 76mm

    (max pallet weight)=2270kgs. Max 140mm

    (max pallet weight)=2045kgs. Max 89mm


    Duct rod data sheetManual