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IMER - Electric Wet Tile Cutter - Combi 250/1500mm - 110v Single Phase

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SKU: 294-4-10
Regular price £2,791.20 GBP inc vat

IMER Electric Wet Tile Cutter - Combi 250VA /1500mm

The Combi 250 VA cuts a maximum length of 1500mm and comes with a 250mm continuous diamond blade and a folding stand so it can be used on a bench or with the stand for ease of use. It also has 2 wheels for ease of movement when on a larger area to be tiled. The electric water pump keeps the blade cooled and also dust is eliminated by this method. It also has a laser site for making a clear line along the full length of the bed.

  • Single-phase 230V/50Hz electric motor, 1.5 kW with thermal protection and minimum voltage coil 
  • IP 55 switch 
  • IP 67 plug 
  • Laser pointer 
  • Cutting guide 
  • Diamond blade Ø 250 mm PREMIUM for gres hard porcelain - continuous rim 
  • Protractor with large support surface 
  • Anodised extruded aluminium cutting surface 
  • Shatter-resistant plastic tray to contain and recover water 
  • Stand with two rubber wheels  
  • Side cutting surface (only for Combi 250-1500)


SKU 294-4-10
Blade/Bore Diameter mm 250/25.4
Cutting Length mm 1430/1530
Cutting Depth 1 Pass mm 66
Cutting Depth 2 Passes mm 105
Cutting Surface Dimensions mm 500x1615
Electric Power Supply v/Hz 230 / 50 Sph 230 / 60 Sph 110 / 50 Sph 115 / 60 SPH
Moter Power Rate kW 1.5
Motor Speed rpm 2800
Running Current 230v (110/115v) A 9.4 (15.4)
Water Pump AP67, flow rate 131/min
Water Recovery Tray Capacity L 55
Machine Dimensions mm 636/1920/619
Stand Dimensions mm 669/1560/750
Machine Weight (with Packaging) kg 75 (91)
Stand Weight kg 17
Optional Surface Weight (with Packaging) kg 8.0 (8.6)
SPL in Operator's Position dB(A) 86
Max. Stackability 3 (h 2190mm)