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2mm 15m Dyneema Cord with 20mm loop

by Orptech

SKU :168-2-15

Ref: 168-2-15

Made from the specialist fibre Dyneema®, this cord is easy to splice, and resistant to abrasion and most chemicals. This 12-strand construction is used to ensure maximum strength.

Features & BENEFITS
• 12 Strand construction
• Very high strength to weight ratio
• Treated with specialised coating
• Very long lasting
• Stronger than steel
• Safer than steel in operation


Specifications  Core  Cover
Construction  12 strand  n/a
Material   Dyneema® SK78 PU Coating
Specific gravity  0.97  n/a
Resistance to acid  Very Good  n/a
Resistance to alkali   Very Good  n/a
Resistance to UV   Very Good  n/a
Resistance to heat  Poor  n/a

Tech Area


Load (kg)
2 477
3 918
4 1620
5 2340
6 2700
8 4500


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