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100 Metres Pre-Reeled Stainless Steel Wire Rope Cable 1x19 Construction Ref: 166-23

by RiggFix

SKU :166-23-4

Reel Length

100 Metres of Pre-Reeled Stainless Steel Wire Rope Cable 1x19 Construction  Ref: 166-23

  • Material - Stainless Steel
  • Grade - AISI 316
  • Price is for a Pre-Reeled Drum of 100 metres

1×19 Strand
Supplied as strand construction this has the least flexibility when compared to the above constructions but offers greater strength in comparison. Typically used as a control cable in small cord diameters but in larger diameters up to 16mm it is also used as guard rails, barrier cable and balustrading. This is most commonly used as rigging in the marine industry.


    Pre-reeled stainless steel wire cable 1 x 19 construction 100 metres 166-24