WEBI Pulley Type ETT-156P- Polymide Pulley with Galv Bracket (ETTER)

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WEBI Pulley Type ETT-156P - Polymide (Nylon) Pulley with Galv Bracket (ETTER) - 155-11


  • WEBI Polyamide (Nylon) pulley with plain bearing and galvanised bracket Type ETT-156P
  • Capacities from 30kg -to 90kg
  • 5 models, to suit 8mm - 12mm wire rope (see specification PDF for full details)
  • Mounting hole diameter = 5mm
  • For use with diversion of rope is required in winching applications
  • Five model types available from stock
  • Suitable for applications in offshore, gas & oil, utliities, water treatment works 



Technical Info

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