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Material Moving

Here at RiggingUK, we offer material moving equipment, which is the movement of goods and ensuring the protection of the goods and materials throughout the entire process. There is a wide range of material handling equipment we have available.

Furniture Movers

Equipment that helps to lift and then transport furniture to your desired location in an easier and safer manner. We have a piece of equipment great for professional use and heavy weight items, alongside a piece of equipment that individuals will be able to use.

Manual and Hydraulic Stackers

Not only help you with lifting pallets and other various objects, but it will also help to increase safety. This is because they will help to balance the weight of the pallet ensuring that is stored and transported safely.

Platform/Corner movers are helpful in getting into a corner and helping you to move items. It allows mobility in areas that other equipment may not be able to reproduce, such as pallet pullers which are great to help move heavy pallets.

Lifting and table stands are vital pieces of equipment to help increase your safety levels at work, as they will help to lift heavy vehicles and items. They are durable, and each has an impressive and varied weigh capacity limit.

  • £530.00

    Manual Furniture Movers


    Categories: Material Moving, Furniture Movers Safely operated by one person Robust lifting mechanism Sold in one set only Including twotransport u...

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