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ABRSTADJ- Abtech - Adjustable Restraint Lanyards

by Abtech

SKU :282-3-5

ABRSTADJ- Abtech - Adjustable Restraint Lanyards Ref: 282-3

Abtech ABRSTADJ restraint lanyard adjustable between 1.25m and 1.75m.

These lanyards are designed to restrict the users movements to prevent access to an area where a fall may occur. These lanyards are available in a full range of lengths and connectors.

As standard, each lanyard c/w KH311 Karabina each end. For other variants please contact our sales office.

Other ends available

SL (soft loop)

SH, Snap Scaffold Hooks,

SC, Pear Shaped Scaffold Hooks

D- Delta Mallion

Conformance : BS358 

Max Recommended User Weight : 150kg

Stock Sizes

ABRSTADJ - Adjustable