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Trailer Winch 2T Horizontal Mount C/W Hook & 8mm 12m Wire Rope

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SKU :160-1-2

Trailer Winch 2T Horizontal Mount C/W Hook & 8mm 12m Wire Rope  Ref: 160-1-2

All UK Built Speed Winch trailer winches are of a high build quality and the best materials are used to ensure a long trouble-free life, needing only the minimum of maintenance. A truly well built product which will reflect the quality you build into your trailer.

✓ All parts are galvanised or zinc plated, offering a superior corrosion resistance.
✓ Gears are machine cut from solid blanks to ensure long life and trouble-free operation.
✓ The body is made from 3 mm steel and is held together with multiple stay pins.
✓ Gravity operated double ratchet has no spring to weaken or lose, plus can never disengage accidentally.
✓ The braking system is simple and automatic to operate.
✓ The mechanical advantage is designed into each winch to keep handle effort low for smooth operation.
✓ The complete winch is enclosed for safe operating, ie trapped fingers in the gears, etc.


The SP2TW20 can be fitted to various trailers, eg Ifor Williams ranges CT/TB/GH/TT, Bateson’s Transport, PRG, Brian James. 

Manufactured in the UK by Speed Winch


SP2TW20 comes with an 8 mm diameter x 12 metres long galvanised steel rope with eye hook on the end fitted to the winch. The wire winch can be used to pull at up to 20 degree angle side to side, and even more if using a fair lead. The drum is of a size in diameter that reduces wear and tear on the rope and positive anchorage of the rope to the drum for safety.

Mount: Horizontal mounted
Rating: 2000 kg rolling weight up a 30 degree slope
Shipping Weight: 15kg

SP2TW20 – 2 Ton




Customer Reviews

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Boss of the job

I needed to get my 1400 kg caravan up my 20 degree sloped drive to the workshop and for temporary storage. The motor movers were under stress and Sandra couldn't push it !! I searched for a solution and found The Winch Shop on line. I spoke to Dave who suggested a number of options. We worked together and decided that the T2 was the ideal piece of kit. Only one problem .. my knuckles would be scraping the ground as the handle would be too long to clear the floor. "Not a problem" said Dave. We will design and make a riser specially for you. I thought we were in to big money.. but no. Nothing was too much trouble for these chaps and they delivered the whole kit in five days from order.

That's me in the video ..( i am a very satisfied customer and have no other relationship with the company) just to show you how easy it was to install and use. Drilling the floor for the bolts was a bit tricky but I did it with a medium size DIY hammer drill and 20 mm masonry bit. Thanks Dave and the guys at Winch Shop..