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Hoisting | Winching | Pulling | Securing | Handling | Rigging | UK

RS Eye bolt, metric thread. M6 through to M48, WLL 100 to 8,000kg Ref: 264-38

SKU 264-38-1
RS Eye bolt, metric thread Ref: 264-38
  • Captive but exchangable ICE-Bolt
  • Bracket adjustable in force direction
  • Comprehensive range of thread

  • High-tensile eye bolts - Considerably Higher WLL than DIN 580 or BS Eyebolts
  • Comprehensive range of threads (M6 through to M48) and WWL (100kg to 8,000kg)
  • Forged, tempered and 100% crack detected.
  • Fool-proof compared with common DIN eye bolts by:
  • Shape: Octagonal means quality class 8
  • Identification: Distinct indication of WLL for the most unfavourable case (lateral load - not allowed with DIN 580).
  • Ensure the eye bolt is bolted down flush to the surface! Avoid twisting movements during transport.

Technical Info

Winch data sheetHand book

Winch data sheet RS Eye bolt, metric thread