Pulley Type 1A (PT1A) - Cast Iron Pulley with Bronze Bush for Wire or Fibre Rope

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Pulley Type 1A (PT1A)

  • Cast Iron Pulleys with bronze bush for use on their own or to assemble into brackets.
  • Ideal for most applications where wire rope needs to be diverted.
  • For use with wire or fibre rope.
  • For use with manual driven winches.
  • Four model types available from stock, 500kg, 1,000kg, 2,000kg and 3,000kg
  • Model Capacity Pulley Diameter Rope Diameter
    157.1.1 500kg 110mm 10mm
    157.1.2 1,000kg 150mm 12mm
    157.1.3 2,000kg 200mm 13mm
    157.1.4 3,000kg 250mm 18mm