Globestock G-Guard, 500kg SWL Load Arrest Blocks from 7m to 15m galvanised steel rope (243-11-1 to 253-11-3)

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Globestock G-Guard, 500kg SWL Load Arrest Blocks from 7m to 15m galvanised steel rope (243-11-1 to 253-11-3)

  • G-Guard™ load arrestors are retractable, tensioned cable safety devices for the protection of equipment, machinery, high value and sensitive loads. They protect both static and dynamic/moving loads at height and help minimise associated hazards to the area below
  • Load Arrestors automatically stop the free fall of a suspended load if the primary hoist system or suspension point fails
  • This provides protection for vulnerable equipment or to people below the suspended load
  • The load arrestor senses the increase in cable speed and activates the braking system. Energy is absorbed by the system and the load is stopped smoothly within a short distance
  • The load arrestors incorporate an indicator giving an immediate and clear signal showing that the device has been used in a fall
  • Special features in the design enable the device to be used in a variety of positions and in the harshest environments
  • 500 KG Maximum Working Load (MWL)
  • Maximum Stopping Distance: 1.0m
  • 15m version cable length options: 7m, 10m, 15m
  • 24m version cable length options: 18m, 20m 24m
  • 15m version weighs 15kg, 24m version weighs 20kg
  • Available in matt black
  • CE Certification
  • Conforms to European Directive 2006/42/EC
  • Made and designed in U.K.

G.Guard load arrestors are used extensively in industry, car production lines, material handling & lifting, pillar lifts, theatres, stage production, nuclear power stations, sound systems, chandelier fitting, sports halls, and many more applications. Galvanised steel cable comes as standard, with the option to upgrade to a stainless steel cable