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Corner Movers

by EPD

SKU :293-65-3


Categories: Material MovingCorner Skates

  • Low level corner bogies essentially used to moveawkward rectangular loads.
  • Load platform coveredwith ribbed rubber for load protection.
  • AR100A and AR100B aremade of casting aluminum. AR150 frame is made ofpress steel.
  • Give mobility in locations where normal equipmentfor such handling cannot beused.
  • 3pcs ball bearingcastors in each corner mover.
  • Easy to postion-lift one side of load by atransport jack and slide in corners, then repeat for other side.
  • Sold in sets of 4 only

    100kg. Alumium. 305x165x85mm

    100kg. Alumium. 195x165x85mm


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