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60v Cordless 61cm Hedge Trimmer


SKU :292-5-1


     Eco Friendly
     60v Battery Operated
     3 Year Warranty

    Cordless Hedge Trimmer

    Introducing the new Warrior Eco Cordless Hedge Trimmer providing both cordless mobility and unbelievable power. Its 61cm (24 inch) blade and electronic 'Anti-Blocking System' allows it to perform the most challenging of hedge trimming tasks. The product weighs only 3.5kg making it effortless to use for everyone. This trimmer has a rotating handle for all cutting angles making your garden task much easier. With a low noise and vibration design, this amazing cordless hedge trimmer will provide solutions for all your hedge trimming needs.

    Battery Powered Hedge Trimmer

    Using its fast charging facility, the 60V Samsung lithium ion battery will be fully charged in 40 mins. The state of the art batteries can be charged over 500 times giving you years of operation. They also have a “Battery Life Indicator” identifying when a recharge is required. Our batteries and charger are fully interchangeable with all Warrior Eco Cordless Garden Tools. This adaptability provides a significant cost saving when considering the purchase of other Warrior Eco Garden equipment.

    Brushless Motor Technology

    The Warrior Eco Cordless Hedge Trimmer has brushless motor technology meaning it can automatically adjust its power level when required. This technology makes it less noisy, more compact, lighter, and allows it to deliver up to 40% more power. Requiring no maintenance, no wires and no petrol, this cordless hedge trimmer provides effortless trimming whenever and wherever it is required.

    Warrior Eco Cordless Garden Tools

    The new Warrior Eco Cordless Hedge Trimmer can be bought separately or as a bundle including battery and charger. Cordless garden equipment means a brighter and better future for your garden when using Warrior Eco Power Equipment!

    This EU approved and certified cordless hedge trimmer has a 3 year warranty as standard. Warrior Eco Power Equipment provides high quality gardening accessories for the astute gardener.

    With our technology gardening will be effortless and your garden more beautiful.


    sku 292-5-1
    Motor Type Brushless (Internal)
    Max Power Output 500 watts
    Rated Volt DC 60V Samsung lithium ion battery
    Cutting Diameter <19mm (<0.74")
    Cutting Length 508mm (20")
    No Load Speed 3400 spm
    Thickness of Blade 1.8mm (0.07")
    Length of Blade 610mm (24")
    Tooth Space 28mm (1.1")
    Lithium Battery 2.5Ah
    Running Time 45 Minutes
    Charger 4A
    Charging Time 40 minutes (2.5Ah)
    Weight (incl battery) 3.4kg (7.4lbs)
    Dimensions 1150 x 231 x 227mm
    (45.2 x 9.1 x 8.9")
    Warranty 3 Year
    Certification CE/EMC
    Cordless Hedge Trimmer Features
    • Light weight
    • High power
    • Handle rotates for ease of use
    • Two step safety start
    • Low noise
    • Low vibration
    • Easy to operate
    • Comfortable and durable


          Duct rod data sheetCordless Hedge Trimmer manual 


          Battery Operated Hedge Trimmer Highlights


            To stop accidental starts.

          2. PERSPEX GUARD

            For maximum user safety.

          3. 27" DUAL ACTION BLADES

            For extended reach.

          4. LIGHTWEIGHT

            At 3.4kg we couldn't find anything lighter.

          5. BRUSHLESS MOTOR

            For monumental power and superior performance.

          6. ROTATING HANDLE

            For ease of use.



          One Eco Battery Powers Them All

          The fast charging Warrior Eco Battery can be used to power all Warrior Eco products, so you don't need multiple batteries for multiple products. (The Warrior Eco Lawn Mower can run on one or two Warrior Eco batteries for extra cutting time)



          Customer Reviews

          Based on 1 review
          Gardening made easy

          Used the hedge trimmer today for the first time, upgrading from petrol which is noisy and takes more prep.

          Managed to get all the hedges trimmed in no time, great feature is you can spin handle to get better angles.

          Fast charger, did all with 1 charge and still plenty for more cutting.

          Ordered Thursday afternoon and delivered yesterday.

          Great product and service, will be purchasing other items now I have this.