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PAL™ Case Label Starter Packs Ref: 262-6


SKU :262-6-1


PAL™ Case Label Starter Packs Ref: 262-6

  • Case labels offer a cost-effective way of professionally labelling your equipment cases. Built for life on the road, the foam-backed, self-adhesive label adheres to almost any clean, dry surface. Once it’s on, it doesn’t come off without a fight.

    For optimum performance and longevity, we recommend always using Le Mark approved PAL™ Pens and cleaners.

    Refill Packs: Pens, Cleaners

Starter Pack Small:
10 x PAL™ Labels, 1 x PAL™ Pen,  1 x PAL™ Label Cleaner

Starter Pack Large:
20 x PAL™ Labels, 2 x PAL™ Pens, 1 x PAL™ Label Cleaner