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5000kg Duplex Red flat webbing slings Ref: 283-5

by Orptech

SKU :283-5-2


5000kg Duplex Red flat webbing slings Ref: 283-5

Web Slings – BS EN 1492-1:2000

British manufactured webbing slings from 100% heavy duty high tenacity polyester webbing, each sling with the following specifications (dependent on requirements)

  • 25mm up to 600mm widths
  • 250kg up to 40’000kg
  • Colour coded according to tonnage and to the relevant standard
  • We recommend wear sleeves where sharp edges occur Colour coded according to tonnage
  • Factor of Safety 7-1
  • The maximum Elongation permitted is only 3% at WLL Temp. Range: -40C to + 100C
  • Polyester can deal with weaker acids and oil and grease.
  • Individual serial number is printed on a blue label along with length, swl, mode factors.
  • UV-resistant, helps prolong the life of the webbing
  • Conform to “Machine Directive 2006/42/EEC,”

 Two layers of webbing or 2 Ply polyester lifting sling

  • 75mm Wide
  • 225mm Eye
  • Polyester
  • Red
  • 5000Kg