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240v AC Winch - Pulling 1500kg / Hoisting 300kg Ref: 161-6


SKU :161-6-1

240v AC Winch - Pulling 1500kg / Hoisting 300kg Ref: 161-6

KDJ-300E Warrior winch

Winch has Electromagnetic, spring applied, failsafe brake, bi–rotational and include an enclosed drum flange. Low Voltage controls are available on request. Also
 complies to EN 14492 : 1 and EN 14492 : 2.

• Lightweight and compact design for easy installation
• Planetary gears for maximum mechanical efficiency
• HD high efficiency ball bearing on all running surfaces
• Electromagnetic spring-applied failsafe brake
• Steel plate foot mountings
• Quiet running
• Enclosed drum flange to prevent rope becoming trapped between drum and support castings
• Emergency stop function switch is available upon request


Technical Specifications
Ref: 161-6-1
Model: KDJ-300E
Hoisting load (Kg) 300
Pulling Load (Kg) 1500
Speed (m/min) 10-15/12-18
Motor (V) 1.1x4
Rating 240v
Lift / Pulling  (m) 29
Cable (mm x m) 7 x 30
N.W (Kg) 49
Work rate S3-25% 20min
 Ducty Cycle 25% ED*
* 150 times\h maximum starting frequency