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100 Metres Pre-Reeled Stainless Steel Wire Cable 7x7 Construction Ref: 166-23Rope

by RiggFix

SKU :166-23-15

Reel Length

100 Metres of Pre-Reeled Stainless Steel Wire Rope Cable 7x7 Construction  Ref: 166-23

  • Material - Stainless Steel
  • Grade - AISI 316
  • Price is for a Pre-Reeled Drum of 100 metres

7×7 (WSC)
Supplied with a stainless steel wire strand core this versatile construction has reasonable flexibility in small cord diameters and is mainly supplied in 1mm to 8mm. Typically being used as a general purpose construction this makes it ideally suited for marine rigging, guard rails, lanyards and suspension cables to name a few.


    100 metre of Pre-Reeled Stainless Steel Wire Rope 7x7 construction